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Analysis laboratories for the food and agrochemical industry

It is very important for companies to have a laboratory that offers high-quality analyses and tests, and that they are accepted by the Competent Authority, both in Chile and around the world.

The toxicological Center S. A. C. CETOX has more than 15 years in the market and contributes to the compliance of companies of different categories with the quality standards demanded by the different countries. This is in order to grant registrations and authorize the marketing of your products.

Luis Fernández Anaya, general manager of CETOX commented to PortalFrutí they have a wide portfolio of services in the world.

“In our region we have a strong presence in Chile, Peru and Ecuador, and we have clients on all 5 continents, such as the United States, Russia, India, the European Union, among others.

They send their samples to be analyzed at the CETOX in Lima, Peru; with the certainty that their products will be accepted throughout the orbe,” Fernández said.

The center conducts the analysis of the products taking into account requirements and restrictions requested by the country of destination; using techniques international of the OECD, EPA, FDA, AOAC, ASTM, among others.

CETOX is an internationally renowned laboratory with ISO 17025 certification, so the tests they perform are valid worldwide.

Relevance in the industry

The main customers of the toxicological Centre are manufacturers or marketers of agrochemicals, aerosols, fungicides and pesticides for agricultural use, as well as cleaning and cleaning products, such as soaps, disinfectants, detergents, packaging, waxes, glues, paints, enamels, among others, for both their finished products and their raw materials.

Another area with considerable demand in CETOX is the analysis of processed foods and food packaging, ensuring that they are not contaminated with polymer or metal residues. Biological tests are also carried out on chemical workers, mining, gas and oil companies.

The CETOX toxicological Center has been the first winner of the internationalization Support Program (PAI) granted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the Republic of Peru, due to its growth in exporting services, offering high-quality analysis with the best prices on the market; and we hope to continue expanding our offer for the benefit of our Chilean customers and around the world.

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