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Archipelago relies on Maqel and acquires new platform models

Elevaciones Archipelago, a leading company in the sale and rental of machinery in the Canary Islands, continues to rely on Maqel with the purchase of 11 JLG lifting platforms this year 2019.

So far this year, they have expanded their fleet with scissor platforms, articulated and telescopic without forgetting mobile vertical elevators, practical for rehabilitation work. They have acquired a JLG 1250 AJP articulated arm platform, which reaches up to 40 meters in height and offers a range of up to 19.2 meters, the only model in its category that has an oscillating axis allowing much mobility in a minimum space. They are also awaiting a new JLG 1350 SJP telescopic platform, the best in height (up to 43 meters), range (up to 25 meters) and power with a load capacity of 450 kg in a large basket that provides a comfortable and spacious workplace. These are high performance machines designed to face any job and challenge in heights.

Iván Martel, commercial director, and Juan Blas, Controller of the group Elevaciones archipelago commented: “We have been working with Maqel for almost 3 years, trusting above all in his professionalism and the quality of his service. Most of our machines are reliable and technologically advanced JLG® lifting platforms. In addition, Maqel offers a professional technical service and certified training courses in the use and handling of lifting platforms complemented by training in the repair of JLG lifting platforms. It allows us to avoid accidents and improve the maintenance and quality of our machinery Park.

The work included a total of 30 wind turbines of 56 meters each one that needed a treatment for the removal of the oxide from the parts of union stretch, weld seams and other parts of the tube of the wind turbine that were rusty. First the team of painters cleaned the turbines, second, applied an oxide converter and then coated it with an elastic silicone and primer to finally paint with a special paint. They were working all through the month of July.

Mateco’s recommendation was to use a Genie SX-180 telescopic platform for its working height of 58 meters, speed and agility despite its large vertical reach. This machine is also cheaper than conventional exchange platforms and does not need any specific license for its operation.

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