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Care when renting accommodation on digital platforms

In this holiday period people are looking for the best offer of accommodation where they can feel comfortable, calm, or close to the fun they are looking for and at the lowest cost, so the use of the internet allows in an agile way, the location of an infinity of hotels in local, national and foreign destinations, with striking promotions; however, it is important to take into account that if the offer is too spectacular, it could be a fraud, therefore, the office of the Prosecutor of the Jalisco State recommends that persons interested in hiring this type of service, be very careful to avoid being victims of fraud.

How is fraud recorded in tourist rental?

The or the user located in the online portals, rental housing in the area that you want to, however, locate a offer is more economic than normal, with photos too attractive and contact the owner to take advantage of the opportunity.

It tells you that the rental is available, but it has a lot of demand; however, to “secure” the site, it offers you to carry out the transaction outside the platform, even at a discount and requests the deposit of the cash into an account.

The interested tourist agrees and when he or she wishes to contact the owner, he or she disappears with the money, or when he or she arrives at the rental house, he or she finally realizes that he or she did not exist, or belonged to another person, and was a victim of fraud.

When making the payment, make it by the secure means offered by the site and allow to leave trace or receipt of the transaction, for example: Card, Paypal or bank transfer, check in the latter that the account holder is the same one that offers the rent and never using systems like Money Gram.

Do not pay the total amount in advance, only the minimum and the rest when visiting the House.

Keep the proof of payment.

In the event that the person concerned has been the victim of fraud or any other crime by using this form of accommodation rent, it is important to lodge a complaint as soon as possible.

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