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Platforms offer 1,000 jobs for southern Tamaulipas

Platforms offer 1,400 jobs for southern Tamaulipas – two companies are applying for pailers, welders, tubers, among other trades in Altamira, Tamaulipas.

The National Employment Service announced that two companies are requesting pailers, welders, tubers, among other trades.

The 1,400 jobs created are the result of the resumption of projects that had already been abandoned.

The National Employment Service reported that the platform sector is offering 1,400 jobs to work in two companies located in the Port of Altamira.

Joaquín Montes Galarza, the incumbent, explained that it is McDermott and Bosnor, who apply for personnel in trades such as pailers, welders, argoneros and tubers. He indicated that McDermott is requesting about 600 people for a project and Bosnor requires 800 people.

With the construction of 19 offshore platforms in Altamira, Madero city and Right Bank of the Pánuco River, as well as the remodeling of oil wells in Altamira, work is guaranteed for more than 40,000 workers over the next four years.

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