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Siege carriers zócalo of Tlaxcala

Dealer of public transport again besieged the Historic Center of Tlaxcala to demonstrate against the use of digital platforms and require that the holder of the Executive Power, Marco Antonio Mena Rodríguez, back to the decrees issued recently and that will legalise this kind of turn.

The place of the constitution is once again filled with public transport units and taxis that in its Windows launch slogans mainly against the company “Pronto”, calling it illegal.

Led by Reynaldo Delgado Pérez, who assumes himself as the leader of taxi drivers in Tlaxcala, the protesters said they will not leave until they have a response that meets their demands, but they also ask that if there is a dialogue table, the governor will lead it.

Questioned about the bad service that many users accuse, they assured that not all should be qualified equally because there are carriers that provide a good service, besides questionnaire the work of inspectors of the Ministry of Communications and transport of the State for lending themselves to acts of corruption, instead of fully carrying out their work.

The protesters claim that they will not leave until they are received by the head of the Executive Branch and made it clear that, although their demand is the same, they are not part of the group of transporters that manifested itself two weeks ago in the same way, because between the two groups there are ideological differences.

Fortunately for the people who have the need for the use of the service through platarformas, there is friendliness, cleanliness and above all security and the economy , taxis are abusive in the charge, drivers rude in some occasions,they are counted the drivers are friendly and provide a good service at a reasonable cost.

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