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The colorful Exception platforms already have a release date

Traxmaster Software, an independent developer, presented a few months ago its new project, Exeption, a work framed within the genre of platforms with combats called ‘rotating’. At the time, it was confirmed that the work debut this summer on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Having already released its profile on Steam, from which we were able to extract information, we were at that moment waiting to realize its digital release on all platforms, something that has already been made public by the hand of a new trailer.

In this way, the platform title will reach PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam) on August 13 in digital. There’s a new trailer where we can see more scenes of its rapid gameplay. “This is a game of combat platforms within a computer system that has been hijacked by a totalitarian virus. A single member of the system must step up to lead the resistance and fight this brutal regime. It expertly combines knife reflexes with elaborate attacks to shoot down the virus and restore freedom.” The title will cost 14,99 euros. We leave you with your new trailer and as we have seen through Gematsu, with its main features.

A new approach to the use of platforms: two-dimensional action in a three-dimensional world. Whole levels are transformed to reveal new challenges and opportunities. Explore distant areas exposed by the changing environment. Each level is a puzzle developed that unfolds as you progress.

Synthwave soundtrack: a soundtrack made up of the best Synthwave artists. He enjoys almost two hours of tracks by Synthwave artists, such as Kalax and Waveshaper. It is the perfect complement to the retro-futuristic aesthetic of Exception .

Challenge rankings: compete for the best time at your favorite levels through over 800 Steam rankings. It uses different game styles to lead specific leaderboards. Compete for the best fighting time by destroying all enemies or try to have a good pacifist time leaving your enemies unharmed.

Illustrated story: The Story of Exception told in 17 illustrated scenes. Learn about the collapse of the system and the subsequent power vacuum that led to a fascist virus. Join a group of four poorly adapted threads of software on your journey to overthrow the brutal regime and restore system Freedom.

Improve your character to unleash special attacks: run a variety of special attacks and combine creative combinations to maximize your destruction. Collect hidden artifacts to purchase attack Updates and exceed the limits of your destruction.

Dynamic bonus system: chain multiple air strikes to gain time bonuses. Take advantage of your creativity to discover the fastest level routes with the greatest bonus potential. Aggressive attack strategies produce the highest bonds.

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