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Business monitoring market 5 Round Table

The municipality of Lima will begin inspection and monitoring in Zone 5 of the Round Table tomorrow, Monday, 12 August , in accordance with its restructuring plan in that sector.

This new area comprises the area located between the Amazonas jirones, Conchucos, Huánuco and Avenida Miguel Grau.

The work will begin on Block 1, corresponding to the Huánuco, Junín, Santa Rosa and Matías Maestro ribbons. Then, each block will be advanced according to the end of the review and supervision of the establishments and premises, the Andean agency reported.

The Metropolitan commune urged the public to collaborate with these tasks carried out for the benefit of the entire capital population.

In previous days, the municipality of Lima completed the inspection work in Zone 4 of Round Table, in order to safeguard the safety of all people who live and visit the commercial Emporium daily.

This action was carried out in the area between the Amazonas and Huánuco, and between the Grau and Abancay avenues.

During this time, the monitoring and civil defence team of the municipality of Lima visited a total of 20,891 premises and houses in that area, of which 14,794 were inspected and in another 6,067 its administrators did not allow the work of the monitors.

Of all the properties visited, 493 shops were closed down: 26 establishments were closed for presenting imminent risk to the health and integrity of the people and 470 for not having a civil defense certificate.

In addition, the inspection of 198 buildings used as warehouses was carried out in Zone 4, where different products are stored without any municipal permit. All were closed for this fault and for not having the security measures set out in the reordering plan.

Zones 1, 2 and 3 are entitled

Meanwhile, in parallel, the municipality of Lima has been conducting observations on the commercial premises of Zones 1, 2 and 3, which were closed by the audit personnel on their first visit.

Of these businesses, 568 were entitled and raised comments on security conditions. In this way, they no longer constitute an imminent risk to the physical integrity of individuals.

Meanwhile, 165 establishments began their procedures, obtaining the Civil Defence certificate and are already in normal care.

On the other hand, 202 shops have started the procedures for the correction of the errors committed and gradually their observations will be lifted.

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